In today's world, outsourcing is seen as a way to reduce costs and to increase the efficiency of a certain activity / department within a company, and to reduce overall costs. So more and more companies are relying on outsourcing for ...

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The software development and consulting services that our company provides cover the entire product life-cycle: software architecture and design, implementation, testing and quality assurance, technical documentation & user documentation

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Team spirit is very important at SBP. We feel that people should be comfortable with each other even if they have different roles. Hierarchy is good for keeping things organized, but it's not a purpose in itself - therefore it should not raise any barriers.

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The project, developed in conjunction with the International Standards Organisation (ISO), represents a register of Smart Card protocols - companies or individuals are able to register their protocols on the site.

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Our company has developed for VMware, Inc. a secured access solution (project codename: TCBHO), more precisely a browser add-on that allows users to manage their usernames and passwords for all their online accounts.

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Going for the "perfect 10" in software services. We know it's possible!

Software outsourcing is a complex process, which includes taking care of more aspects of the development process, but most important of all, it means to meet our customer's requirements, and to bring to life (in this case online :) ) his ideas.

As a software outsourcing company, we provide software development services for customers around the world, which includes: software development & testing, IT consultancy advice, providing documented and detailed analysis and research on a certain technology, providing continuous feedback via email, phone, instant message, creating accurate and complete documentation, and also video and written support materials (such as: videos, PowerPoint presentations, written tutorials). So when you hire us you get:

  • a team of developers, passionate about technology and software development, whose main goal is to deliver custom made software solutions, tailored to your needs
  • talented software engineers who believe that every great idea deserves the best possible software implementation
  • experienced managers who rely on our 10 year (past) expertise, and also on the latest technological innovations, in order to build the best solutions for your software project
  • technology enthusiasts always ready to provide you with suggestions and creative development approaches for implementing your project
  • diligent communicators who believe that a crystal clear communication is the most important step in creating a successful collaboration

Let us be your Software Business Partners!

About our company

Software Business Partners is a software development outsourcing company located in Bucharest, Romania. We provide programming & consultancy services for a variety of .NET platforms (VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, Ajax, Silverlight, SQL Server, Office, WebServices, WPF, WCF) and our programmers have a wide expertise in Microsoft development environments.

Our services cover both web and desktop programming, including integration and customization for various Microsoft platforms such as SharePoint, BizTalk, Dynamics (CRM, NAV, GP). We have built many new products for our customers, and we have also performed a series of successful migrations from old technologies to newer platforms such as .NET 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.5 / 4.0 / 4.5 / Ajax / Silverlight.

We own the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status, a further guarantee for the quality of our work. Apart from .NET development, we also provide outsourcing services for C++ programming, database design, implementation and maintenance (we've been working mostly with Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Access).

Software outsourcing is a booming industry throughout the world, and Romania is one of the favorite destinations for companies looking for offshore development. Well known for their high level of expertise, Romanian software companies are constantly rivaling much larger countries (such as India), and often manage to surpass their competitors from other countries, especially when it comes to the quality of service.

SBP has a series of successful ongoing outsourcing relationships, and has deployed a wide range of software solutions for various customers in US, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Finland etc.. We're currently focused on .NET and ASP.NET solutions, but our expertise area is far larger.

Prompt customer feedback is assured by our online issue reporting, bug tracking and feature requesting system. We provide daily customer support by phone, email and by internet messaging. The project management methodology implemented in our company is based on Microsoft Solution Framework.

At SBP Romania we are committed to providing high quality services to our outsourcing partners, by staying ahead of the curve in terms of technology resources and development practices. Certified and experienced in a variety of architecture, modeling and programming applications, our staff makes constant efforts in providing our clients with the reliable outsourcing services that they need.

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