Case Analysis on .NET

Jan 14, 2009

The most widely accepted deciding factor in the evaluation of one development platform over another is typically about the developer's familiarity with the platform, which is nonetheless an extremely subjective measurement. As an example, if someone asks an experienced developer from each platform which one is the easiest to use, each would declare his own. However, when deciding on a platform to be used within a company there should be only two quantifiable factors: cost and performance.

Because most hosting plans for each platform are similar in cost, website performance and the number of lines of code, which is usually a hidden cost, remain the only quantifiable factors that can be used in order to evaluate one development language over another. This case analysis display some key differences between .Net, Java and some other development languages like Cold Fusion MX and PHP.

Website performance relates to how fast a page can be displayed to a user. Speaking in terms of this factor, .Net has proved to be superior by far to Cold Fusion MX, PHP and even Java in real-time applications and in other tests conducted by independent analysis companies.

As to the number of lines of code, a similar application can be written in .Net with just 15% of the code required to write the same application in Java. This brings about an easier maintenance for systems that can be developed faster with fewer resources. Comparing .Net with Cold Fusion MX and PHP in terms of lines of code would be more difficult since the development techniques differ drastically between them. In order to leverage the difference between coding techniques, a developer would need to implement Java, which presupposes an increase by several times of the "lines of code" results in with the Java analysis already mentioned. Usually, Java is not used because of cost and time considerations, so the website pages load more slowly and the code is more difficult to maintain.

All in all, .Net offers the power of an enterprise application within the cost range of a small or medium sized business by reducing the number of lines of code required. The reduced coding alters the development time, the overall development staff costs and also maintenance and overall costs by reducing them while delivering superior website performance.

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