Comparing .Net with Java and other platforms

Jan 14, 2009

Though quite different in their design and implementation, both .NET and Java platforms and their associated programming APIs were designed with caution and precision. It is not a matter of chance that one of them has a feature that the other lacks, but is often the result of an intentional design implementation. When different methods are used to tackle the same issue, each will present itself with advantages and disadvantages. So a difference between the .NET and Java platforms will be the effect of a conscience decision, a matter of choice in which to implement a solution in a certain way. This article tries to portrait how .Net is different from Java and other widely used platforms, and also what each can or can not do.

Feature comparison

Code Compiling for reducing page request-answer time.
1. .Net – works in precompiled and dynamical compiled modes
2. Java – works like .NET
3. PHP – doesn't work in compile mode. The response time can be enhanced through a third party engine.

Scripted Language for enhancing overall website responsiveness.

PHP includes language scripting, .NET does not, while Java includes both programming language and support for scripting language (JavaScript).

Object Oriented is a programming trait that provides code reusability, enhances features and  cuts down development time; due to code reusability bugs are fewer in number and can be fixed one time for several frameworks.

Both .NET and Java are object oriented, while PHP is not, although PHP 5 includes more object oriented features such as passing objects by reference, abstract classes, function overloading, and others.

Browser Targeted HTML Rendering is a feature that helps the framework to create proper HTML for each browser, like specific HTML markup for Firefox that differs from that for IE. In this way, the probability of compatibility issues during runtime is reduced, and programmers can spend less time solving such issues, being able to focus more on improving, instead of fixing.

This feature is supported only by .NET, not Java, PHP or other programming languages, like Cold Fusion.

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