.Net Future

Jan 14, 2009

Current trends show that investments in .NET peak higher than ever, as an independent survey conducted by Evans Data Corp. shows. The mentioned group discovered that investment in .NET platforms by enterprises is currently surpassing Java investment growth. From the 350 developers and firms with more than 1.000 employees which the study encompassed, almost 60% of them stated that they were increasing their .NET investment and 50% declared an addition of .NET personnel. "These survey results confirm that .NET applications are pervasive in large enterprises and their acceptance and dependability is continuing to increase," stated Mike Allen, director of product management for CA Wily Technology.

Because .NET emerges as an enterprise tool, more companies are starting to shift towards an even application environment, trying to integrate .NET into previous development platforms. The mentioned study also concluded that at the moment there is a strong defined market for integrated application performance management (APM) solutions because more companies start to use both development platforms, Java and .NET.

Also, according to the survey, companies are already increasing and improving their .NET support teams in order to match the size, structure and functionality of their Java counterparts. As a result, Evans Data Corp claims that a vast majority of the questioned firms declared that both support groups are integrated within the same department in order to help improve APM.

There are, however, some complications when using a diverse application environment as the survey showed that: .NET teams blamed changes to applications and backend connections for slowdowns 75% more often than Java programmers and Java professionals blamed memory leaks and out-of-memory conditions for slowdowns 75% more often than .NET users.

As it is, even more companies are starting to create a mixed architectural application offering. Everyone is realizing that having both a Java developing platform and a .NET one brings more advantages than simple Java. At present, .NET has proved its capabilities and high level of performance to the extent that its being implemented by more and more companies at the same or higher proportion than Java. As Jasmine Noel, founder and partner at Ptak, Noel & Associates stated, "An increasing number of enterprises are realizing the benefits of deploying applications built on both .NET and Java.With those benefits come the challenges of managing a heterogeneous environment coupled with the unique issues of both development architectures."

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