Development Premises

Jan 20, 2009

The Silverlight technology is based on a retained mode graphics system, similar to WPF and integrating multimedia, graphics and interactivity into a single runtime. Besides being designed to work in concert with XAML, which can be used to mark up vector graphics and animations, Silverlight is also scriptable with JavaScript. Because of these foundations, textual content created with Silverlight would be more findable and indexable than that created with Flash as it is not compiled, but represented as text. For webmasters, this is a notable advantage of Silverlight as compared to Flash, in terms of search engine optimization (SEO).

Silverlight programming language can dynamically load XML content that can be manipulated through a Document Object Model interface (DOM), a technique that is consistent with conventional Ajax techniques. Silverlight mode of action exposes a “Downloader” object which can be used to download content such as scripts, media assets or other data, as the application requires. Starting with version 2.0, the development logic can be written in any .NET language, including some common dynamic programming languages like Ruby or Phyton.

Using XAML, or Extensible Application Markup Language, to create user interfaces makes the UI to be dynamically generated based on user input in combination with data and security information held on the respective server. Although such a feature is also possible with ASP.NET and ASP.NET Ajax, Silverlight improves on the previous platforms with capabilities such as overlaid video, flexible 2D vector graphics and powerful animations and transformations. An ASP.NET Ajax application would have required complex and tiresome programming to achieve such RIA features. Currently, Silverlight technology is flexible enough to run on several different platforms, running on both major Windows browsers as well as on Safari and Firefox on Mac OS.

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