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Monetizing social websites: Trick or treat?

Dec 22, 2008 by Doina

Big social networks (such as Facebook and MySpace) that are currently money consumers, rather than income generators,  are beginning to think about monetizing the huge traffic slices that they've obtained during the past years. But their problem is that nobody likes to pay for something that they've got in the past for free.

Considering that applications such as Facebook, Skype and YouTube were not planned to bring in cash from the beginning, it's rather understandable that the users received the monetization attempts with a bit of distrust and annoyance. On the other hand, there are social networks that were monetized from the beginning, and that enjoy a great deal of success. ... read more

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Yahoo!, come out, come out, wherever you are

Dec 16, 2008 by Doina

In May this year, there was a lot of ruckus caused by a news from the Ziarul Financiar, a local daily paper focused on economical and financial issues. The news stated that Yahoo! will open an office in Bucharest during the third quarter of the year, between August-September.

Well, everything is nice and fine, and I'm sure everyone is interested in seeing as quickly as possible Yahoo! on our native lands, but...I'm not seeing anything yet. No news, no gossip, no rumors. After the news landed, everything turned still and quiet. ... read more

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Is Romania ready to sustain a global player in the software business?

Dec 12, 2008 by Mihai

The president of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Stere Farmache, has recently stated that Romania is currently in the position to sustain the development of a very large software company, that could make it to the big league, alongside Google, Yahoo and all those other big players.

The statement is a bold one, to say the least - but then again, why not? To back up a big player in the software industry, there are 3 basic conditions to be fulfilled: technical know-how, business know-how, and financial capital. ... read more

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Microsoft: Antivirus or not?

Dec 09, 2008 by Doina

For the past few years, Microsoft has been subject to some pretty harsh comments and disputes over its embedded (or not) antivirus solution for Windows OS users. With several attempts throughout the years, consisting of the MSAV from the MS-DOS 6 (1993) until the forms of Windows Live OneCare, the Microsoft mogul didn't really enjoyed much appreciation from the public, as regards to antivirus facilities.

In 2003, after Microsoft acquired the intellectual property rights over the RAV Antivirus from the Romanian company GeCad, things started to spur once again. ... read more

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Google office in Romania

Dec 04, 2008 by Doina

On January the 15th this year, Google officially registered at the Romanian Trade Office, the branch Google Bucharest SRL, with the stated activity of “consultancy and providing other software products”. The commercial society is held entirely by Google international Inc., with headquarters in Mountain View, California.

If we know that the local branch has only 5 non-Romanian employees, it is difficult to tell what Googlers have in mind with this branch. While they have previously denied any plans of setting up a business in Romania, now they have already a steady office. When asked by local reporters about their future development plans, the local representatives retained any comments. At present, Kent Walker is the VP and the general consultant of the firm, while John Herlihy is the VP responsible with the online sales of Google in Europe, Middle East and Africa (the EMEA region). Also, Nikesh Arora is the VP in Google Inc. and president of EMEA operations. ... read more

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