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Dec 04, 2008 by Doina

On January the 15th this year, Google officially registered at the Romanian Trade Office, the branch Google Bucharest SRL, with the stated activity of “consultancy and providing other software products”. The commercial society is held entirely by Google international Inc., with headquarters in Mountain View, California.

If we know that the local branch has only 5 non-Romanian employees, it is difficult to tell what Googlers have in mind with this branch. While they have previously denied any plans of setting up a business in Romania, now they have already a steady office. When asked by local reporters about their future development plans, the local representatives retained any comments. At present, Kent Walker is the VP and the general consultant of the firm, while John Herlihy is the VP responsible with the online sales of Google in Europe, Middle East and Africa (the EMEA region). Also, Nikesh Arora is the VP in Google Inc. and president of EMEA operations.

Although they aren't shedding any light on their intentions, some assumptions have been made. According to Orlando Nicoara, general manager for MediaPro Interactiv, “Google is operating on our local advertising market for a while now, but the payments were made to the exterior. With a Romanian representative things should develop easier”. Also, he adds that “it is interesting to see what this move means for personnel, people and what their hirings will be in the next period. In order to have a team I believe they should first hire the person who can gather that team. Anyway, it is an interesting move and it proves the interest big players have for the Romanian market (see Yahoo!)”.

This move is the most advanced one made by Google in order to extend their operations on the local market, since last year when they announced the selection of a consultant in Romania named Radu Tudorache, former manager at ANRC (National Authority for Adjusting Communications). As for the clasical advertising market, Val Voicu, general manager at the advertising agency AdEvolution, believes that “it is possible that the Google registration at the Trading Office is only a matter of logistics. Google will generally target small and medium sized companies (links, pay per click), meaning that the advertising market will slightly be affected”.

We're also awaiting this year for Yahoo! to launch its Romanian versions of the web portal, but also of the Yahoo! Mail service and the instant web application Yahoo! Messenger. At present, the only Yahoo! representatives in Romania are Bobby Voicu, community manager, and Media Cafe, the company who deals with selling the advertising spaces run by the American company at local level.

According to the Ministry of Finance, Google Bucharest SRL is located in Sector 1 of Bucharest City, on the Aviators Boulevard, no. 43, floor 4, room 7.

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