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Making a Response.Redirect from plain HTML or JavaScript

Jan 27, 2009 by Constantin

The standard approach for making a URL redirection in ASP.NET is to use a Redirect call:


What happens behind the scenes: the server (IIS) sends to the browser a simple HTTP Response, containing a message code ("302"), which essentially tells the browser to issue a new HTTP Request, for obtaining the new destination URL. Next, the browser issues that new request, and in the end it receives another page, served from that new URL.

This redirection behavior can be also obtained by plain HTML (no ASP.NET needed), if including in the HTML page a "meta tag": ... read more

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Where is cloud computing headed?

Jan 14, 2009 by Doina

Earlier this month, at the International CES, AMD and OTOY CEOs revealed their plans of unveiling by the end of this year a massively parallel supercomputer that would combine cutting edge hardware provided by AMD, and server side rendering technology. This would deliver next-generation games and other HD content to internet connected devices, be they handheld or desktop. In other words, massive data accessible on-the-spot, no matter where you connect from. Which means that even heavy RPG games could be played on web-enabled phones, and paused/restarted at any point in time, without draining the energy, memory usage, or hardware capacity of the device.

Too good to be true? Well, maybe. "Cloud-computing" (a buzz-word that caught momentum in the Web 2.0 era) is actually a metaphor depicting the Internet-centered development and use of computer technology. ... read more

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Tips for deploying an ASP.NET Ajax website

Jan 05, 2009 by Constantin

Microsoft ASP.NET Ajax is a great platform, and provides lots of functionalities, but you need to know your way around it, to make the most of its capabilities. Today I'll be writing down a couple of tips that will help you when deploying an Ajax website in IIS. ... read more

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IT goes green

Jan 02, 2009 by Mihai

There are many statistics backing the assumption that IT is a big energy consumer (and therefore, indirectly, a green-house gas generator). Overall, computing and telecom currently produce 2% of the global emissions, which is comparable to the volume generated by aviation. But isn't this just one side of the story?

Yes, it's just one side, and arguably the most irrelevant one. IT might actually be the only industry for which the amount of emissions is far smaller than its positive ecological impact. Take video-conferences for example, they help to hugely reduce the carbon emissions corresponding to business traveling and commuting. ... read more

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