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Office Web Applications and Azure - Microsoft's new bet

Feb 24, 2009 by Mihai

Microsoft has demonstrated in more than one occasion that they can take a raw idea and bring it to its maximum market potential. They did come up with quite a few great ideas themselves - but arguably the most impressive feature that Microsoft has illustrated over the years is the capacity to re-pack an already proven concept into a better shape, that ultimately wins the market. This happened with DOS, Office, Windows, Internet Explorer, XBOX - and might also happen with the new services that MS has recently launched: Office Web Applications and Azure. ... read more

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The world's first 32nm microprocessor revealed by Intel

Feb 10, 2009 by Doina

In spite of increasing competition, when it comes to microprocessors and chipsets manufacturing, Intel is still one of the big boys, and their new Westmere processor further confirms that they are here to stay. The new generation of microprocessors will accompany Intel's upcoming desktop and notebook systems, and it's expected to display a significant advance in terms of performance.

They will come up with increased performance capabilities in a smaller processor core size, multi chip package with integrated graphics and, most of all, the new generation of 32nm manufacturing technology. Intel will thus provide consumers of personal computer systems with a nearly double processing power and graphics performance. ... read more

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