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The world's first 32nm microprocessor revealed by Intel

Feb 10, 2009 by Doina

In spite of increasing competition, when it comes to microprocessors and chipsets manufacturing, Intel is still one of the big boys, and their new Westmere processor further confirms that they are here to stay. The new generation of microprocessors will accompany Intel's upcoming desktop and notebook systems, and it's expected to display a significant advance in terms of performance.

They will come up with increased performance capabilities in a smaller processor core size, multi chip package with integrated graphics and, most of all, the new generation of 32nm manufacturing technology. Intel will thus provide consumers of personal computer systems with a nearly double processing power and graphics performance.

Intel can now brag about it's premier microprocessor that incorporates the Intel Turbo Boost Technology, and also the Hyper Threading technology that enables 2 cores to provide 4 threads. While they also worked at 45nm and other 6 cored multi threading processors, Intel declared that they will focus on the 32nm microprocessor as they fit more accurately in the medium-end desktop and notebook market segments.

The 32nm Westmere also provides a few other interesting features: the integrated graphics with discrete / switchable graphics support, 4MB of cache, Integrated Memory Controller, and support for dual-channel DDR3 memory configuration. Wide-manufacturing for consumers will start in the second half of this year for the Westmere 32nm that will be designed in compliance with Intel's 5-series chipsets.

The next major step in microarchitecture for Intel will be made, according to the company's roadmap, in 2010, under the code name “Sandy Bridge”. So far it looks like Intel's folks are keen on outpacing Moore's Law (see's_law).

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