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Internet Explorer 8: the makeover!

Mar 26, 2009 by Oana

It was about time that Windows released a new and improved version of the Internet Explorer browser, taking into account the fact that Firefox and even Safari have taken big steps forward by now. I hardly remember the last time I used Internet Explorer in the detriment of Firefox. A makeover was extremely needed!

The beta version of Internet Explorer 8 was released in August 2008 and brings along new and very useful features such as: security and privacy, web slices, accelerators and much more. Even if it is said to borrow some of the new features from its competitors (Firefox and Safari) the new Internet Explorer version offers many responses and solutions to our daily needs.
First of all, the security feature, for me, seems to be the most useful and revolutionary. In case you access a spoofed/phishing web page, the browser will warn you and point out clearly the risks you are taking by visiting that page. Moreover, the browser will also warn you if you visit a page infected with viruses.
The privacy feature, even if viewed with skepticism by many (they relate it to "indecent" browsing), will be very useful in my opinion, as it helps you maintain your intimacy - no matter what that is, by not keeping a history of the sites you visited. Other features such as accelerators, web slices, colored tabs, and visual previews can ease your daily tasks by offering better navigation options: for example, the colored tabs help you distinguish better the open pages belonging to the same site. It may seem as a very simple feature but it can improve your work.
As far as I am concerned, it took a little too long to release the new version - long enough for the users to get comfortable and accustomed to other browsers. And I believe this is the real challenge for the Internet Explorer 8: to be good enough to regain the user's confidence.

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