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Windows 7 - a step towards "life without walls"

Apr 15, 2009 by Oana

After Microsoft's presentation in 2008, the world was once again divided between apple lovers (not the fruit lovers) and windows lovers. Such an outcome was triggered by the unveiling of the new operating system - Windows 7, which has the ambition to be an upgraded version of Vista with a new, user-friendly approach.

The main novelty brought about by the new operating system is the advanced multi-touch feature. This feature, combined with a compatible display, allows a faster and easier navigation and also the possibility to type on a screen keyboard by only using your fingers instead of an actual keyboard or a mouse.
Another improvement from Vista is the ability to show an image of the device you've just attached to the computer; this makes it easier for users to configure and synchronize their devices with the PC. Users will also find helpful the possibility to share and use every device in their home (such as a printer, fax, etc.) by simply connecting to the HomeGroup. The new customization options and personalized desktop features aim to transform the time in front of the PC into a better experience.
Apart from these noticeable features, Windows 7 benefits also from a new browser - Internet Explorer 8, a new player - Windows Media Player 12, and the new features of Windows Live Messenger. Other improvements such as a calculator with multiline capabilities, Windows Aero gestures such as Shake and Snap that help you organize the windows on the desktop, and improved Sticky Notes that can be posted anywhere on screen, show a great attention given to details.
These features can make us consider Windows 7 a faster, more reliable and much more compatible operating system than the previous one and a hope for a future "life without walls", as CEO Steve Ballmer imagines.

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