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Web 3.0 – Beyond the boundaries

May 19, 2009 by Doina

It is believed that once Web 3.0 is enacted, you will be able to find what you are looking for, using a search engine, just by typing relatively general questions like: "I want to see a thriller movie tonight". At present, search engines like Google can offer query results only by looking up keywords. [...] With Web 3.0, your browsing history and habits can be used by a personal assistant to provide you with the most relevant results ... read more

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5 Years of waiting for Windows Server 2008 (2)

May 03, 2009 by Oana

The second release of Windows Server 2008, the R2 beta version, brings about a major change - it works only on 64-bit machines, and this alone triggers some important improvements. Besides that, the power consumption is cut through attentive monitoring and adjustment of the processors utilization levels. This way, the used power is limited to the actual needs of the workload.

Moreover, R2's "Hyper-V" provides better virtual machine management support, and is designed to provide Live Migration ... read more

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