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Praising a legend

Jun 27, 2009 by Mihai Cernea

Michael Jackson having passed away... This sad news is not much related to our tech blog, but MJ represents a true worldwide phenomenon, which I've personally admired a lot, so I'd like to honor his passing.

I was stunned when hearing this news, and it still doesn't sound right... He was already a huge legend during his lifetime, maybe this is why it's so hard to comprehend that the person is no longer with us. But the legacy that he left will be around forever, and it's very visible nowadays. Dozens of highly successful contemporary artists have massively inspired from Michael's songs, dance moves and stage performance, and most of his music videos have represented ground breaking and record breaking performances, still to be topped.

His last few years were very tough and filled with sorrow, mostly caused by the same media that once had idolized him. Now, that the curtains have fallen, he finally receives the recognition that he deserved. His last months were marked by a huge effort to prepare a big comeback, and maybe this has also taken a toll of his life. But these days we see the greatest comeback possible, when everybody finally makes him justice, putting the sad things aside and starting to remember Michael in the light of his musical genius.

I hope that he's in a better place now, beyond "trials and tribulations". Rest in peace Michael!

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