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Aug 03, 2009 by Oana

For the uninitiated, the word above is an onomatopoeia - for the connoisseurs Bing is the new search engine from Microsoft. The word itself wants to stand out for a discovery or for a great idea. So, if Archimedes left us with the famous "Evrika", Microsoft is giving us "Bing". But, no matter the story (manufactured or not) for this name, Bing is Microsoft's attempt to conquer the search engine market.

Although launched more than a month ago - June 3, 2009 – Bing has succeeded to make almost 50 million people curious enough to try it out. This number may seem a lot, and it is, but this doesn't guarantee yet Bing's victory over other search engines (especially Google).

The newest search engine from Microsoft comes with a fresh, colorful and friendly interface, with information organized into logical categories. Among its features, Bing offers the user the classical images, videos, shopping, maps and travel options; later on in the search, it shows several other searches related to the initial one, and there is also a "Search History" available. The video search offers the possibility to see previews of the video results. But, even though it was touted to produce the "the best choices faster", it's noticeable that Bing yields a smaller number of search results than Google.

Microsoft has popularized Bing under the slogan "Bing & Decide", placing it on the market as an "an intuitive decision making tool". Bing has the ambition to be a "decision engine", not a mere search engine - the $80 million that have been spent on advertising stand as proof that Microsoft is serious about this.

Now the question is whether the users will decide to use Bing in the detriment of Google and other search engines. Taking into account that habits are hard to break, we'll just have to wait and see what impact Bing will have on users and on the search engine market.

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