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Apple vs. Microsoft... or is it vs. Google?

Jun 25, 2010 by Oana

Eaten green apple which resembles Apple's logoBy now you've probably heard that Apple is the newest company to challenge the so called title "World's Biggest Tech Company", in the detriment of Microsoft. If you wonder what this exactly means, and how is going to affect us users, continue to read further.

Almost a month ago, more exactly on May 26, on Nasdaq Apple's shares rose with 2.8%, while Microsoft lost 4% of its shares value. Businessmen all around the globe hurried to translate this into Apple's victory, but mostly Steve Jobs' victory over Microsoft.

If in the '90s Apple was a company mainly focused on computers, now a large part of its success and income (of course) comes from the production of stylish gadgets such as: iPods, iPhones, MacBooks, and (the newest) iPads.

Apple has definitely come a long way, and much to its success from now it's due to Steve Jobs who revived the company, when he returned in 1996. What few people know is that a year later, in 1997, Apple which at that time feared bankruptcy has borrowed from its long time rival – Microsoft $150 million to gain its strengths back. So, with a little help and a lot of innovation, Apple is now the world's biggest Hi-Tech seller.

On the other hand, Microsoft enjoys the status of the "Main OS Seller", 9 out of 10 PCs have installed Microsoft XP, Vista and 7, while the Office suit runs on more than 500 million PCs (home + business users). Pretty impressive I may say. Even if the charts at this point aren't favorable for Bill Gates' company, Microsoft will never cease to be profitable.

From the rivalry of the two tech companies, one thing is more noticeable than others: gadgets are gaining more and more popularity. Last year 172 million smartphones have been sold compared to 306 million PCs. More portable and more user-friendly, smartphones can fulfill almost any task a PC can. So why buy a bulky computer when you can fit a slim and good looking gadget into your pocket?

Now that Apple has reached the peak, the fruity company faces a new challenge: the giant Google. With its Android operating system, shiny mobile devices, a programming language under development – Go and a future Google TV, Google Inc. is ready to compete against Apple. As technology analyst Tim Bajarin affirmed: "The battle has shifted from Microsoft against Apple to Apple against Google."

So it seems that, on such a competitive market remaining on top may be more difficult than reaching the top. No doubt that Apple still has some glossy gadgets in its bag of tricks, but Google has plenty of resources and partners to face the challenge. Let the new competition begin!


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