Super OS - is this the future of operating systems?

May 10, 2011 by Oana

At the end of April, AI (Always Innovating) has launched a hybrid OS which incorporates four different operating systems. I'm talking about Super Jumbo which integrates AI's own OS (Angstrom Linux remaster), Ubuntu, Android 2.3 Gingerbread and Chrome OS.

: Super OS is also the name of a Linux operating system. More exactly a free, remastered version of Ubuntu, made with Reconstructor.

On the same device (called Beagleboard and priced at $150) you can run side by side four operating systems. Even more impressively, by using the key combination Alt + Tab, you can even switch instantaneously between operating systems. Have no fear: there's no need to reboot, and owners praise that there's no performance loss either. Of course, the software allows to set an OS as default. Jumbo allocates 500 MB per OS, and in order to move from one OS to another, you just needs to click gently on the Beagleboard.

AI is known on the market as a company which offers innovative products, one of its latest products is the SmartBook: a versatile device that is at the same time a tablet and a netbook. More info about the company, including videos:

Super-Jumbo can be downloaded free of charge from here:

The reason why I've tackled this subject is that I wonder if more operating systems make a better OS? And in an era when the focus is on devices that can incorporate more functionalities, is a Super OS the path that we are going to take from now on?

Jumbo is the living proof that we are able of so much more, but is there a real need for a Beagleboard that can manipulate four operating systems? I agree that Jumbo can help developers and testers create more virtual machines and then just switch from one machine to another, so there's a definite advantage in terms of flexibility - but I’m afraid that, for the time being, this infrastructure is a bit too heavy, and the product is likely to fail from a technical point of view.

For sure, future developments will unleash the true potential of this Super OS, and this is an area where I would definitely like to see more action. Jumbo is a remarkable development and I salute AI for such a product, and although for now I stick to my sole OS, chances are that in the near future I'll be switching between multiple OS and environments with a simple click.

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