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How to upgrade your smartphone / tablet to Android 4.0 - Part 1

Jan 27, 2012 by DanM

Android 4.0 Ice Cream SandwichBefore starting to upgrade your device to Android 4.0, search online if your device is compatible with Android 4.0 (it's recommended that you do the search directly on your device producer's website).

If your smartphone / tablet is compatible with Android 4.0, then there are two ways to download and install the latest versions of Android. Please see below:

1. The gentle way to update your device to Android 4.0:

* Visit your device producer's website and search for the software update tool that is compatible with your smartphone or tablet, and then download it. Usually you'll find this tool in the Download center, or in the firmware download and tools page.
* Once you've downloaded and installed the tool, connect your device to the PC (using the data cable) and back-up your data.
* Start the software update tool, check for the available Android updates and click the "Update" button.

Note: during the update of your device, make sure that you don't disconnect the device - otherwise you will end up "bricking" the device. This means that you will not be able to use it anymore. Some smartphone and tablet producers didn't make the Android ICS version available through the software update tool yet, so in this case you'll have to wait for the update to be released.

2. Another method to update your smartphone / tablet software is FOTA (this is an acronym for Firmware Over-the-Air). FOTA is not available for all smartphones, for example Samsung Galaxy has this option while LG Optimus One doesn't have this functionality.

The main advantage of the FOTA update method is that some firmwares are first released on FOTA, and only after a few weeks are available on the software update tool. However, the biggest disadvantage of the FOTA update method is that your phone can be easily bricked in case the Internet connection is lost.

Note: Before updating your smartphone / tablet software via FOTA, make sure that you have plenty of memory space, a stable network connection (Wi-Fi or 3G), and a full battery.

To check if your smartphone is supporting FOTA, please follow these steps (these are a set of general Android steps that apply to almost all Android smartphones):

 * Take your device, go to your Home screen and hit "Menu"
 * Once the menu is opened, select "Settings"
 * In the "Settings" menu, select "About phone "
 * If the System update is present and available, then your smartphone can use the FOTA update

In order to check if a new firmware is available over FOTA follow these steps:
 * Go to Home screen and tap on "Menu"
 * Once the "Menu" is opened, tap on the "Settings" option
 * From the "Settings" menu select "About phone"
 * Once the "About phone" is opened, tap on "System updates"
 * In "System updates" tap on the "Check for update"

Note: By selecting "Auto check intervals", you can configure your device to automatically check for new updates.

That's about it for now - but check for Part 2 of this post, soon to come!

Update: here's Part 2: the hard way to get Android 4.0 on your device

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Aqib commented on 6/6/2014 11:07:09 AM

I searched about the second method on the internet and it helped me to successfully upgrade my android smartphone to android 4.0 . Thanks a lot for sharing this useful guide.

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