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How to upgrade your smartphone / tablet to Android 4.0 - Part 2

Feb 10, 2012 by DanM

Android 4.0 Ice Cream SandwichI don't recommend any of the methods presented below if you don't like taking risks! These are more invasive methods, and there's no guarantee that they will run properly. Also, you might want to check your license agreement, and see if you're not breaching the contract or losing some of your consumer rights, if proceeding with these "hardcore" updates.

Note: the steps detailed below are mainly focused on smartphone use, but also can be employed on most tablets. In the case of the latter, tablet re-softing experience is required.

Preparation steps:

* Back-up your entire device
* Check the producer page, to see if your device (smartphone / tablet) supports Android 4.0.
* Search and download from Internet a version of Android 4.0 (on the web you will find quite a few custom Android 4.0 versions, made by home users). I suggest to visit this site: , and post here your device specs and ask some users to recommend a version of Android 4.0.

Then, depending on your device type, you can manually update to Android 4.0 in two ways:

Hard way - 1st method:

* Download the Android 4.0 update to your computer
* Rename the download to "Update"
* Copy the update to your device internal memory
* Power your device off and then boot into the device’s bootloader (you can search online how to boot into bootloader)
* Select "Recovery"
* A menu will popup. Select Apply update from / SD card, and then choose
* The new Android version will start installing. Once this is finalized, select reboot system now.
* Boom .... Android 4.0 is running on your device :)

Hard way - 2nd method:

* Download the Kdz Firmware Updater (also used to unbrick your phone)
* Make sure that your device's drivers are installed
* Start your device in emergency mode (search on Google how to start your device in emergency mode, as each device has a different way to start this setting). For example: hold both back (return) button and the volume up button.
* Once your smartphone / tablet is in emergency mode, Connect your data cable to your device
* Start the Kdz Firmware Updater
* In the dialog box that will appear select Type: 3GQCT and PhoneMode: DIAG
* Select the Android 4.0 file, and flash it into the phone
* Wait for the installation to complete

Note: I don't recommend this method if you are not experienced with unbricking smartphones or flashing stock / custom Android versions.

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Ammy commented on 2/17/2013 3:24:01 AM

Thanks for the post.It's really well explained can you also mention the misfires of upgrading?


DanM commented on 3/5/2013 8:05:17 AM

Hi Ammy,

I'm glad to hear that you liked my post :) Regarding your question, please see below some risks of the upgrading process:

* The device could shut down due to insufficient battery
* The computer could shut down during upgrade (if you are upgrading manually from computer by using a manufacturer software, or other custom pieces of software made by community developers)
* Internet connection could be interrupted
* The computer can't recognize the phone during the restart of the phone

Please note that all of the possible "dangers" detailed above can brick permanently your device. I've personally bricked my LG Optimus One during an upgrade via software provided by the manufacturer, but i was able to install the Android OS back on the device by following some tutorials provided by forum.

Hope I was able to answer your question :) DanM

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