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Testers vs. developers: collaboration is always the key - Part 1

Nov 28, 2012 by AlexI

Testers and developers are two mandatory components in any software development process, and although some might argue that you can develop a piece of software without involving testers, in order to be a competitive software company you need to have a testing department. ... read more

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Romania ranks 1st among EU countries in programming competition

Nov 15, 2012 by Oana

The International Olympiad in Informatics (also known as IOI) is a global event of excellence, where gifted students compete for the highest distinction in programming. [...] This year, the beautiful Italian region Lake Garda (Lombardy, Italy) has hosted the international programming competition, between September 23-30. Among the European Union states, the Romanian team has ranked 1st with a total of 4 medals ... read more

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