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Romania ranks 1st among EU countries in programming competition

Nov 15, 2012 by Oana

International Olympiad in InformaticsThe International Olympiad in Informatics (also known as IOI) is a global event of excellence, where gifted students compete for the highest distinction in programming. This year, 304 contestants from 76 countries have striven to prove their IT / programming / testing skills, used for designing algorithms and data structures and for solving the algorithmic programming problems assigned (it definitely doesn't sound easy :).

This year, the beautiful Italian region Lake Garda (Lombardy, Italy) has hosted the international programming competition, between September 23-30. Among the European Union states, the Romanian team has ranked 1st with a total of 4 medals: 3 gold medals (Adrian Budau, Vlad-Alexandru Gavrila and Rares-Darius Buhai) and 1 bronze medal (Radu-Stefan Voroneanu).

This proves once again that when it comes to informatics / programming, Romanian youth have a lot of potential, are diligent and always go for the gold. In the near future, these talented pupils will ensure the advancements in programming in Romania and will become a great asset for Romanian software companies.

Of course, these results wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance of Romanian mathematics and informatics professors, who inspire pupils and grow their interest in programming. Romania is known for the high level of interest in various tech disciplines, and for the large number of well-prepared professionals in the field.

The International Olympiad in Informatics is an annual programming competition, which aims to bring together talented young programmers and also to increase the interest for programming among young people. Next year, in 2013, IOI will be held in Brisbane, Australia (University of Queensland).

So congratulations to the Romanian team, and best of luck for 2013!

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