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Windows 8 - higher is better (?) - Part 3

May 23, 2013 by Adrian

Metro UI was the big announcement for Windows 8, however not so many received it with great delight (in fact, many don't like it at all). So what does Microsoft have in mind?

Metro UI

Microsoft Modern UIAlmost any new approach in IT has a big chance to create controversies, because although people expect new products from their favorite companies, when they appear, there is a tendency to not be accepted by a majority of users. Especially, when the new addition replaces a good and old feature that we all love (or at least almost all!) and are accustomed to, in this case: the Windows Start Menu.

That's right! the good old Windows Start Menu reached the end of its life, and after 18 years since it first appeared (in Windows 95), Microsoft introduced the brand new Metro UI: a tablet style menu that contains a lot of interesting (although some will say useless) features. But how will Metro UI impact the companies that will be using Windows 8? Is Metro UI useful for the enterprise area, or is just a gimmick for home users and tablet owners?

Microsoft is working to release Metro apps for the enterprise area and it is expected that the next generation of user interface for the ERP and CRM Dynamics systems will be available somewhere between the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014.

Also, Microsoft launched the Dynamics Business Analyzer app, which shows business intelligence information gathered from a Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution (solutions like Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 or Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 FP1). The Metro UI can be a step forward towards business mobility, as the client can have the same apps and information on its PC, as well as on smartphone / tablet.

The live update feature of the tiles will give the user fast access to information, and by properly customizing the UI he will have all the apps he needs just one click away.

Windows Store

The Windows Store came as a normal response to Google Play and App Store and as the foundation on which Metro will be built, because it's useless to have a new shiny interface if you don't have the right applications for it.

Right now, half-year after its release, Windows Store has over 80.000 applications (more than Apple had in its first year), which is a very promising start.

Although many are reluctant, everyone must recognize that Metro UI brings many benefits in this mobile driven age. What is your opinion about Metro UI? In the final part I will talk about performance, compatibility and the improved user interface in Windows 8.

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