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Can Ubuntu OS for smartphones threaten the Android market share? - Part 1

Jun 20, 2013 by DanM

With each passing day, a smartphone or a tablet becomes part of a user's life, making his daily tasks easier. If we look back, we see that the technology has evolved a lot in the past years, and we can say that the era of "dumb phones" is coming to an end. The smartphones and tablets have gained a lot of market share, and day by day producers try to innovate and come up with new designs, features or new OS'es for the smartphones that they launch. ... read more

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Windows 8 - higher is better (?) - Part 4

Jun 09, 2013 by Adrian

This is the final part of my article and I will try to show what's "under the case" of Windows 8. It was very important for Microsoft that their new operating system was at least as fast as Windows 7, and I think that they’ve succeeded to deliver a fast and reliable product. ... read more

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