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Top 3 e-learning tools: Adobe Captivate, Camtasia, CamStudio - Part 1

Oct 21, 2013 by BogdanD

By now, it's no secret that our phones, tablets and personal computers are an important  part of our lives, and over the years, people everywhere have come to the same conclusion that digital interactive study (e-learning) is one of the best ways to expand the learning experience.

To this end, software developers everywhere have been competing to conquer the e-learning market. Also, more and more companies are developing software e-learning products that would allow their customers to share their knowledge, to generate detailed interactive presentations for lessons or products, and much more.

As a result, the following e-learning tools: Adobe's Captivate, TechSmith's Camtasia and the open source application CamStudio have all made names for their selves by giving people everywhere the ability to be content developers and to create detailed, high quality projects for product presentations, university courses, blogs, YouTube posts and so on.

The following suite of articles is meant to help you decide which of the 3 pieces of software is best suited for your content development needs, but let's start with a small comparison:

CamStudio, Camtasia and Captivate accomplish the same basic goals in terms of presentation development:
  - allow users to perform screen and voice captures
  - narrate a video
  - import, insert and edit other media files into a compiled media format

Getting to know CamStudio

Of the 3 e-learning tools, the most accessible one is the open source software: CamStudio. Although, its number of features is limited, the output quality is generally good. As a small list of features, CamStudio can perform:
  - Screen captures
  - Voice recordings
  - Anti-aliased screen captions
  - Picture in picture for webcam recordings

Also, the software allows for multiple file format publishing, including high quality .AVI files and "bandwidth friendly" .SWF files, for easy posting on the Internet.

Although, CamStudio is an obvious choice for simpler e-learning projects, being an open-source application means that its users will sometimes encounter bugs. The most recent ones are minor incompatibilities with Chrome and Firefox browsers that prevent users from viewing their materials in certain conditions.

On the other hand, the developer community for CamStudio is always listening to their users, always tweaking, fixing and adding new features to the software in order to ensure that it will always meet the needs of its support community.

While CamStudio provides a limited set of tools for presentation development for free, a more complete package of functionalities can be found with either Camtasia or Captivate. So in the next articles, we'll take a look at the professional e-learning software solution: Camtasia. Stay tuned! :)

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Jenny commented on 10/26/2013 11:55:54 PM

I've installed Camtasia on my PC and am using it to just make short videos, haven't tried using it for learning projects yet.


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