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Windows Phone 8 - enterprise goes mobile, the Microsoft way

Nov 18, 2013 by Adrian

Windows Phone 8 devicesIt's no secret that Microsoft has lost in the past the mobile battle against Apple and Google, and not only in the consumer market, but also in the enterprise market. However, things have started to (slowly) change when Windows Phone 7 came on the scene, only that at that time it had no appeal for the enterprise. With the arrival of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft started to be attractive for both businessmen and casual users, offering enough reasons to be a viable option to Android and iOS.

Access to Microsoft's powerful business tools

One of the main advantages of this mobile operating system is the integration of native mobile apps, such as Office 365 and SharePoint. How can only 2 apps be considered a strong point, you might ask? Well... don't forget that Office has a huge market share (~90%) and SharePoint boasts an incredible enterprise penetration, Microsoft claiming that "two out of three enterprise workers have SharePoint". Other business related mobile apps are Outlook mobile, Exchange, OneNote mobile, Lync, SkyDrive and Skype.

Enhanced security

We all know that security is very important, especially in an enterprise environment, and Windows Phone 8 comes with a set of great security features:

  • Secure boot - it validates firmware images before they receive the permission to load the operating system, so only validated software components will run before the operating system
  • "Chamber security model" - this fancy term means that every application will run in its own "chamber", having specific security boundaries and custom permissions, given by the user
  • File encryption - a storage encryption feature will protect the data stored by the mobile device

Also, Windows Phone 8 recently received the US government security certification, FIPS 140-2, which means that "the government has authorized the cryptographic algorithms used by Windows Phone 8 to protect sensitive data inside its products" [1]. Impressive, right?!

Excellent enterprise environment

With Windows Phone 8, employees enjoy great communication between their mobile apps and the company’s desktop applications (such as: the Office suite, SharePoint, SkyDrive, Hotmail etc.). Also, any company can create custom Company Hub Apps from which the employees can install or update their mobile apps, so there is no more need to upload them on Windows Store, as the company has its own app distribution pipe.

The default set of mobile apps that this operating system contains and the integration of successful business apps (such as the Office suite, SharePoint etc.), along with great security features, make Windows Phone 8 a serious contender for Android and iOS in the business environment. Also, Microsoft is going to release an enterprise service pack in 2014, which shows that this operating system is very serious about its intentions to catch the attention of the enterprise market.

[1] Source: Windows Phone 8 gets key US government security certification

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