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IPv6 and Romania

Dec 23, 2013 by BogdanD

Before I elaborate on the implementation of IPv6 in Romania, I'd like to briefly explain what Internet Protocol version 6 is and why its implementation is necessary. Most computer users are aware of the notion of IP, but surprisingly few people know exactly what an IP is. The Internet Protocol designates addresses to machines connected to a network, and uses them for all connections, just like a telephone company assigns phone numbers to its customers, to generate connections between clients. ... read more

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Programming languages: how it all started - Part 2

Dec 16, 2013 by Adrian

After seeing (in Part 1) how programming languages have started, in Part 2 I will present a series of "vintage" programming languages, that helped develop modern programming. [...] Programming languages evolved from low level languages (the syntax is assembly language) into high level languages (the syntax contains natural language elements), providing programmers faster ways of writing code, while increasing performance by using Just-in-time compilation (Just-in-time, or JIT compilers are compiling the code after the program has started).

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One of the most influential teens of 2013 is a Romanian

Dec 11, 2013 by Oana

Last month, Time magazine has made a top of The 16 Most Influential Teens of 2013, and among Malia Obama (the daughter of president Obama) and Nick D’Aloisio (programming whiz kid who sold his app to Yahoo for $30 mil), on the 9th place is Ionut Budisteanu, a 19-year-old scientist whose project for a self-driving car has won first place at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for high school students (back in May). ... read more

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Romanian pupils win big in Balkan informatics competitions

Dec 02, 2013 by Oana

Last week, at Shumen, Bulgaria, Romanian pupils have won a total of 9 medals in 2 regional Informatics competitions addressed to both juniors and senior, as follows [...] So congratulations to: Costin Andrei Oncescu, Smaranda-Monica Dicu, Darius Marian, Andrei-Cristian Stanciu, George Chichirim, Vlad Rochian, Andrei Popa, Mihai Gheorghe, Daniel Constantin, who have showed Europe that Romania has a great potential in IT, and that Romanian pupils are diligent, ambitious and enthusiastic when it comes to programming, mathematics, and technology in general. ... read more

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