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The "other" products of the Microsoft Office Suite - Part 3

May 27, 2014 by BogdanZ

Office for Mac

Another Microsoft strategy for keeping competition behind was to extend on Macintosh. Even if most people consider that Microsoft and Apple are archenemies, from time to time they join hands in the battle with another competitor: Google. So in this case, the Microsoft and Apple rivalry was left behind and the two companies started to collaborate. Some years ago, Microsoft invested $150 million dollars in Apple, and this is how the Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and development tools for Macintosh were born.

Microsoft seems to be behind the schedule with Office for Mac - the last version release by Microsoft was in October 2010 (for the Office for Mac 2011). Anyway, a new version of the app suite is expected by the end of this year.

The Office for Mac Suite can be purchased in three versions: Office 365 Home Premium, Office for Mac Home & Business, Office for Mac Home & Student - but keep in mind that if you are a subscriber of the Office 365, you will get the newly announced products for free ;)

Windows Office vs. Office for Mac

Windows Office vs. Office for MacOffice for Mac still has a long way until it reaches the popularity of the Windows Office suite. For a start, the latest package has only four main programs, a big difference when you think that the Windows version has ten main applications.

Even if it is a fast and flexible office application, the Office for Mac 2011 has the following disadvantages:

  * User interface controls often work in oddly unfamiliar ways, that are neither Mac-like nor even similar to Windows

  * The suite continues to ignore Apple's modern Cocoa frameworks, apart from some limited use in the new Outlook. For example the menu bar configuration is still non-standard and clumsy

  * Some features require a Windows Live ID in order to be enabled

  * The suite doesn't support calendar synching with iCal

  * Outlook won't synch with or retrieve mail from Exchange Server 2003 or earlier

  * The suite doesn't overwrite previously installed versions of Office

Maybe a good advice is not to spend your money on the Office for Mac 2011 and wait and see what the next version will bring. Or, if you need this right away, try to purchase the Office 365 (if it suits your requirements) so you will get the next version for free.

All in all, Windows Office suite is a worthy competitor on its market segment and it seems that it will keep dominating for some time considering that it is continually adapting and expanding.

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