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Inside the world of software outsourcing services

Jun 03, 2014 by Oana

Hire vs. OutsourceIt's common knowledge by now that outsourcing means to externalize a part of your processes (or an entire activity) towards a specialized company. When it comes to software outsourcing, this means an entire suite of services.

So if you are a customer who is searching for an outsourcing company (to which you can externalize part of your internal activities), or a programmer in search of a job, here's what you need to know about the services typically provided by a software outsourcing company:


* First of all, a software outsourcing company has a consulting role, which means that it provides development advice and solutions on a wide variety of technical matters. For example, from the beginning of the project, the outsourcing company can advise the customer on what programming language to use for developing a new software product, or what features to add in order to enhance the usability and the competitiveness of an existing application.

Of course, in such cases the outsourcing company relies on its past experience, but also on reviewing the existing software products in that specific niche market.

Writing code and testing

* A software outsourcing company takes care of the development of an application (or a part of a software product) according to the customer's requirements. In most cases this means building a development plan, writing code, testing it and delivering it to the customers (in one or more Milestones) for review. In some cases, the outsourcing company can receive from the customer a part of an application, which will additionally imply a source code review, additional tests, and also reporting and fixing the existing issues.

Reviewing technologies

* Quite a few additional feature requirements can show up while the software product is under development  - such as a customer's request, or a constraint resulting from the existing code. At that point in time, it's a must to perform reviews of the available technical solutions, and decide upon the most suitable approach, in terms of feasibility, efficiency and existing requirements.

Also, whenever technological limitations are recorded, the outsourcing company has to review the existing (online and offline) knowledge base, concerning that certain technology, and deliver a workaround.

Providing support

* You can say that the job of a software outsourcing company is never over, because once the Milestone / feature set / product is delivered, new questions and requirements can arise, at any given time, from the customer, or even from the end users.

This means that the outsourcing team will have to provide answers and support to questions on a variety of technical matters (not just within the limited scope of the software product's actual functionality).


Communication is the liaison between all of the above mentioned activities. Regardless of what needs to be communicated (confirm with the customer a certain approach, present the conclusions of a review, give feedback on a customer's question, or provide support for an end user), the software outsourcing company will need to efficiently convey all this info to the customer or end user. This means writing emails, setting up meetings, creating PowerPoint presentations, documentation etc. on a daily basis.

So software outsourcing means more than the mere development of an application, it means to also provide a complete set of services, with the purpose of helping and assisting the customer through all phases of the software development process.

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