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Romania - home of the 2014 Top Ten International Network Award

Nov 07, 2014 by Oana

November 7 was an eventful day for TTAIN, as they hosted a ceremony to reward a series of partner companies (for performing their daily activities in accordance with the ISO suite of standards and certifications). It's worth mentioning here the ISO 27001 standard (security management system), ISO 9001 (quality management system), and also the suite of ISO 14000 standards (that address several aspects of environmental management).

The venue of the event was the beautiful hotel “Crowne Plaza” in Romania's capital city (Bucharest) - while the host of this year's ceremony was Dr. Jahangir Asadi.

The TTAIN organization has been active and has diligently promoted the ISO suite of standards internationally since 2008. Among the countries that have hosted the ceremony have been: Indonesia, Ukraine, Singapore, Iran etc. So this year Romania has joined this global auditorium in promoting and rewarding various partner companies that currently follow the guidelines provided by the ISO standards.

The gist of the event is that: in order for a company to grow, become prosperous and at the same time provide quality services and products, it needs to first standardize and monitor its internal activities so that they are effective, secure and environmentally friendly.

Also, the event featured Lynn Johannson, an enthusiast advocate of the ISO 14001 environmental standard, who gave us a glimpse of how the new standard will look like and also why it's important to target "green productivity".

So as I see it, the future can be green, as long as every company realizes that you can be prosperous, and at the same time environmentally-friendly. But more on ISO 14001 in another post.

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