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Romanian OS sees the light of day

Aug 30, 2015 by Oana

I know that currently the entire IT world talks about Windows 10 and Microsoft, but how about the first Romanian-built operating system? Yeah, you heard me right, 2 operating systems made in Romania have seen the light of day this August, at the University of Babes-Bolyai in Cluj-Napoca. Curious? Let me detail this a bit:

A group of Romanian developers and IT specialists from RogentOS have developed 2 operating systems that have been derived from the Linux platform (more precisely, they based on Gentoo), called Kogaion & Argent. The goal (daring goal I might say) behind this project is to offer a free OS to both home users and public institutions, including the Romanian Ministry of National Defence, and also the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research. This would mean savings for the national budget and a higher level of security for governmental services (according to developers, Argent OS is capable of providing a higher security level than other OS-es).

The team is currently also working on a 3rd OS, called ArgOs, that will target smartphones and tablets (looking forward to seeing the 1st release :) ).

As a side note, if you were wondering about the OS names, let me tell you that Kogaion is the holy mountain of the Dacians, while Argent is the Latin word for silver, the symbol of defense.

This might just be the start of a new generation of home grown solutions for Romania. We look forward to seeing these systems grow and wish our colleagues from Rogentos Linux Group all the best in their daring endeavor!

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