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Linux goes down in history: a young UNIX

Oct 25, 2015 by AdrianC

Imagine for a moment that: there is no such thing as the Windows operating system; Mac OS X... no one heard of it; we don’t have any Linux distributions to play around with - while Android and iOS are nowhere to be seen.

Now let's travel to the famous Bell Laboratories: it’s 1969 and we witness the birth of something which will forever change the way people interact with computers. ... read more

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Simple way to integrate PayPal into your C# web app - Part 3

Oct 06, 2015 by BogdanD

Last month we took a look at how to integrate PayPal's Express Checkout control into our C# application. At that point we were only able to send data to PayPal'a API to generate transaction tokens for future use, but now it's time to finalize the transaction and request payment from the PayPal API. ... read more

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