Bucharest, Romania, May 17, 2012
SBP Romania becomes compliant with the ISO 27001 certification standard

Software Business Partners ( ), a software outsourcing company from Romania, and a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, becomes compliant with the ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System) certification standard, which acknowledges the fact that the Romanian outsourcing company succeeds to ensure a high degree of information security, while providing outsourcing services to its clients.... read more

Bucharest, Romania, Mar 18, 2009
Software Business Partners launches a new Case Studies section on the company website

Software Business Partners is a Microsoft Certified Partner outsourcing IT company from Romania, that offers services in the software - outsourcing field. Their experience is based mainly on software development on various .NET platforms ( VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, Ajax, Silverlight and others). The result of their work can be seen now in a new site section – Case Studies – that has the role of presenting SBP's expertise and increasing the awareness on their services.... read more

Bucharest, Romania, Dec 24, 2008
The outsourcing provider Software Business Partners from Romania launches the company's blog

Software Business Partners Romania is an outsourcing company (Microsoft Certified Partner) located in Bucharest, Romania, that provides development services focused on the .NET platform and has a wide expertise in Microsoft development environments in both desktop and web programming. Now, they have launched the company blog that will contain posts written by the company's employees, on topics ranging from tech novelties/issues to online marketing news.... read more

Bucharest, Romania, Aug 22, 2008
SBP proudly announces the achievement of the Microsoft Certified Partner status

Software Business Partners from Romania has achieved the status of Microsoft Certified Partner after a long period of providing competent expertise for web and desktop applications development. The company is specialized in .NET development, with extensive experience in ASP.NET, using C#, VB.NET, MS Ajax, Silverlight, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and others.... read more

Bucharest, Romania, Jun 16, 2008
SBP Romania announces the launching of the Article section on the SBP Romania website

Software Business Partners from Romania, a company specialized in providing programming for .NET platforms, like VB.NET and C#, announces the development of an Article section on their website, containing pieces of information on outsourcing, platform technologies and programming languages... read more

Bucharest, Romania, Jan 16, 2008
SBP Romania Releases Version 2.0 of the XLogViewer .NET Development Tool

Software Business Partners, a software outsourcing company based in Romania, announces the release of version 2.0 of XLogViewer .NET Development Tool, a complete logging and tracing solution targeted at .NET applications. The new version of XLogViewer features many improvements including an important update to its programming interface for the primary .NET languages: VB.NET and C#.... read more

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