Bucharest, Romania, Jun 16, 2008

SBP Romania announces the launching of the Article section on the SBP Romania website

While struggling to keep ahead of the competition in the outsourcing and programming field, the company from Romania has maintained a high level of knowledge and accurate services regarding .NET platforms, such as VB.NET, C# or ASP.NET, Ajax and Silverlight. The article section proves to be, for now, a compilation on Romania's benefits and advantages as an outsourcing destination for companies looking for high quality programming skills. Romania has been for a while now, and continues to be, a valuable asset on the offshore market developers. SBP from Romania is an example on how determination and talent can guide a young company to a top position in the .NET area.

SBP Romania already has a positive feedback between UK, US, Germany and other developed countries customers regarding the high standards of service provided. The software development and consulting services that the Romanian company provides may cover the entire product-life cycle, from designing to implementing. They can start at software architecture and design, following implementation, testing, quality assurance, technical documentation and support. The technologies they actually have expertise in vary from C/ C++ / VC++ / MFC / ATL / VB6.0, C# .NET / VB.NET, embedded VC++ /VB / .NET CE and others such as .NET Web Services/XML/XSL, SQL Server / MS Access / MySql / Oracle and HTTP /HTTPS/ SSL / WinInet / TCP-IP / UDP.

Usually, the Romanian programming firm works for platforms like Windows 9x / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / Server 2003 and Windows CE /Windows for Pocket PC. The applications the company is outsourcing are developed through software copy protection and online registration, remote administration, virtual and interactive design or visualization, localization - multi-lingual application development, professional deployment (MSI), auto-update system and .NET migration.

Offering programming services for .NET tool development, the Romanian company also has created a series of articles concerning programming languages, platform technologies in .NET and, on a more general basis, about the outsourcing industry. The SBP Romania primary concerns are the outsourcing field and the .NET industry. As such, the company has taken very seriously the effort of creating an efficient, feasible source of information in these matters, a source which can be valid not only for .NET specialists, for example, but also for individuals interested as a general fact in outsourcing programming technologies.

The new Article section is intended to help and provide any information relevant to the people interested in the .NET programming languages, such as VB.NET or C#, but the Romanian company announces that there will be much more to the Article section than just .NET related material. It will be a full comprehensive source for describing and explaining new developments in technology, fluctuations on the outsourcing market and in depth analysis on latest programming tools.

Software Business Partners, located in Bucharest, Romania, are a promising company in the outsourcing field for programming and development tools. There are more to be found about the company's projects and services at http://www.sbp-romania.com/Press/2008-06-16-SBP-Romania-Articles-Section.aspx .

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