Bucharest, Romania, Aug 22, 2008

SBP proudly announces the achievement of the Microsoft Certified Partner status

Software Business Partners is a software development outsourcing company, located in Bucharest, Romania. It has been in the business of information technology offshore / nearshore outsourcing for four years, providing to clients worldwide competent services and expertise, in the field of web applications and desktop applications development, as detailed atwww.sbp-romania.com/ . SBP Romania has recently become a Microsoft Certified Partner, which proves that the company's level of knowledge and experience with C# , .NET and other Microsoft technologies, in the outsourcing field, has reached an international recognized standard of professionalism.

The Romanian company's background consists of an extensive work within the .NET framework, designing applications with C# and VB.NET. The .NET development framework has been a primary scope for outsourcing destinations, because of its reliability and ease of use. A .NET web application requires fewer lines of code, responds faster to user inputs and delivers clean user interfaces, making it the new preference for corporate websites. Outsourcing, both offshore and nearshore, has provided western companies with the best integrated solutions with the .NET framework.

Through the Microsoft Certified Partner program, SBP Romania has achieved a professional status by offering qualified and competent services to offshore or nearshore outsourcing clients. The developers at SBP Romania have demonstrated a high level of technical expertise, and the proven ability to deliver solutions for Microsoft platforms, such as .NET (using mostly C# and VB), BizTalk, SharePoint and others. In order to obtain this qualification, SBP has passed a series of tests and verifications required by Microsoft, to ensure that the company is capable to provide outsourcing clients with one of the highest level of expertise that can be found in nearshore and offshore outsourcing destinations.

SBP is mainly focused on .NET development, having an extensive experience within this platform. The company has developed web applications in ASP.NET, by using C#, VB.NET, WebServices, WCF, MS Ajax, Silverlight, and of course HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Their records also show several developments of desktop applications in VB.NET, C# and C++. The company's portofolio is completed by a thorough support offered for the complete life-cycle of a product, ensuring quality to any outsourcing implemented solution. SBP Romania, a Microsoft Certified Partner, provides technical expertise for infrastructure, networking, office automation, e-commerce, business intelligence and other leading edge disciplines useful for outsourcing solutions, covering every demand in the offshore or nearshore outsourcing tasks.

Offshore and nearshore outsourcing has proven to be the optimal choice of any western company seeking to enhance the productivity and quality of their services, while maintaining and even lowering their costs. A company like SBP Romania is renowed among its peers for delivering innovative outsourcing solutions that use the most appropriate tools for each task, such as .NET applications for user oriented websites.

Skills combined within the company feature good communication, having the ability to handle multiple projects in parallel, to deliver offshore / nearshore outsourcing services at a quality level similar to face to face collaboration. By achieving the status of Microsoft Certified Partner, SBP employees benefit from direct support from Microsoft for any project, especially ones involving .NET framework. They also cover a wide range of platforms for outsourcing development & support, including Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP and various Windows Servers. Through SBP's expertise and work techniques, each project is tailored and personalized in order to fit the optimal requirements for each outsourcing customer, which really brings a real world perspective to technology strategies, enhanced by the broad experience of conducting similar projects over many years of service. Additional information on Software Business Partners' background, client services and professional history, can be found at http://www.sbp-romania.com/Press/2008-08-22-SBP-Romania-Microsoft-Certified-Partner.aspx.