Bucharest, Romania, Dec 24, 2008

The outsourcing provider Software Business Partners from Romania launches the company's blog

Software Business Partners Romania is an outsourcing company that is currently maintaining a series of successful outsourcing relationships with companies from US, UK, Germany and other countries. Providing proficient development services for the .NET platform, and various other Microsoft development environments, they have decided to launch a company blog that can be checked in depth at http://www.sbp-romania.com/Blog/. The company blog will contain posts written by SBP employees, with a focus on the latest technological trends, issues and debates, expressing the personal views of the authors.

The blog's collaborating authors are the employees of Software Business Partners, and their experience in the tech & outsourcing field allows them to write accurately and with an in-depth view of the issue. This year, the company has achieved the Microsoft Certified Partner status, which further guarantees that SBP's employees are indeed skillful and talented in their field of work. Having an interest and passion for their software development practice in .NET, ASP.NET, Ajax, Silverlight and others, is something that SBP treasures as a special feature offered for their offshore outsourcing partners.

If the area of software development has a fair amount of forums and niche blogs that offer discussion space, the SBP blog will focus on detached opinions about the subjects in course. The blog's purpose is to offer those offshore partners and all persons interested in technological debates a view of such issues in correspondence with SBP's ideals. While in their development work the aim is to provide perfectly tailored programming outsourcing services, be it for .NET or C++, the blog's atmosphere will be more relaxed, with features for rating and posting comments being available. As means for expressing, the blog will attempt to be an open dialogue, while providing readers with interesting, reliable information on topics starting from the latest releases in software development, tools and utilities to hard-based technical novelties & other outsourcing related topics.

Software Business Partners Romania puts a lot of effort into building professional software programs as well as into developing its own employees. The majority of SBP developers are young people driven by passion and talent. They undergo serious training periods and throughout their working period they are assisted by seniors and learn to work as a team. So their end results are not just custom software products, but the outcome of a process combining labor, personal creativity, learning and personal development. A reliable and flawless piece of software reflects the developers' will for change and growth. So although the outsourcing products must be delivered from an offshore location, SBP offers constant support and feedback from the starting point of software architecture and design to technical documentation, testing and quality assurance. The blog that SBP will launch will also be a method to let present or future customers, or readers interested in technology, accustom and get to know SBP developers.

The company located in Bucharest, Romania is a recognized Microsoft Certified Partner, and is building a successful experience in development environments for some years now. More details about the company's blog can be found out at http://www.sbp-romania.com/Press/2008-12-24-SBP-Romania-blog.aspx . SBP Romania covers a variety of Microsoft & .NET platforms, for which they provide programming outsourcing services, both desktop and web programming, for a series of nearshore/offshore customers.