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Training Generation Tool

TGT is a content development application for creating re-usable training materials and e-learning courses.   #adobe flex   #action script   #lame mp3   #modi





Homekit is a cross-platform software which enables the control of your home appliances and devices from any location.   #c sharp   #java   #wpf   #objective-c



Taxi Online

Taxi Online is a suite of applications (smartphone, tablet and desktop) that allow users to call a taxi from various locations.   #java mvc





Facelocker is an Android native application that uses Face Recognition to authenticate the user of a smartphone.




Rich Casino

Casino Games is an web app that offers support for playing casino-type games, for sport betting and binary options trading.

#php   #symfony   #angularjs   #materialize




Bowling Rental Tracking

Bowling Rental Tracking is a POS & kiosk-based application that allows customers to book bowling games.   #c sharp   #wcf



Clear Noise Analyzer

Clear Noise measures the "composition" of a building (warehouses, classrooms, homes etc.), and creates an acoustic map for it.   #c++   #opengl   #cgal





Turn-based strategy browser game, that allows players to develop their characters by completing single and multiplayer missions.

.net   #c sharp   #silverlight   #xna   #bing maps



Developer Time Tracking

This project is a web based developer timesheet maintenance, and  involved the extension of an existing corporate management site.




Tennis Match

This is an app that allows tennis players to get-together and schedule matches, but it can also be used as a micro social-network.

#objective-c   #uikit   #google maps



Time Tracker

The Time Tracker application allows complex management of customers, projects, activities and worktimes.





Secure Media Codec

Custom multimedia codec that allows the protection of the media content regardless of the original codec used to encode the media.

#c++ .net



Push Reporting

The Push Reporting system is designed to give users the ability to easily create report templates, based on pre-defined SQL query statements.




Photoshop Plug-in Host

The app was created to allow the development of plug-in filters for Adobe Photoshop in more programming languages.

#c++ .net



Fingerprint Authentication

This app is an online authentication system based on a biometric fingerprint reader device which offers high security.





Core Marketing

Core Marketing is a social marketing platform which gathers relevant online information about a certain brand.   #silverlight



Tax Management

This software keeps track of customers and transcript requests, and it notifies customers and allows retrieval of the transcripts when they are available.   #ajax




Tree Viewer

The app is a hierarchical tree browser that has enhanced graphical interface and offers tree navigation, tree editing, tree persistence.

#visual c sharp .net



DICOM processing

The app provides all the advantages of the DICOM standard (security, traceability, communication, storage) for non-radiological specialist areas.

#c sharp





BeerStore is a mobile solution used for increasing the fidelity among customers, for a suite of pubs that are owned by a certain beer company.

#html5   #phonegap   #nodejs   #php   #laravel



Survey BigData Analyzer

Survey BigData Analyzer covers the entire process of gathering, modeling, and interpreting survey information.

#cassandra   #spark   #ruby on rails   #python   #boostrap




Prime Brokerage Manager

This is an web app that facilitates the communication between a client that needs to finalize a trade order, an executing broker and a clearing broker.   #c sharp



Core Agent

Core Agent allows agents (promoters) to participate in online campaigns, for promoting the products of a company.   #c sharp   #wordpress



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