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Taxi Online

Taxi Online is a suite of applications (smartphone, tablet and desktop) that allow users to call a taxi from various locations.   #java mvc




Facelocker is an Android native application that uses Face Recognition to authenticate the user of a smartphone.






BeerStore is a mobile solution used for increasing the fidelity among customers, for a suite of pubs that are owned by a certain beer company.

#html5   #phonegap   #nodejs   #php   #laravel




Homekit is a cross-platform software which enables the control of your home appliances and devices from any location.   #c sharp   #java   #wpf   #objective-c




Tennis Match

This is an app that allows tennis players to get-together and schedule matches, but it can also be used as a micro social-network.

#objective-c   #uikit   #google maps




Bakkala is a mobile app that allows customers to purchase groceries from their mobile devices, without having to go to the physical store.

#c sharp   #xamarin   #android sdk   #ios sdk

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