Supported platforms: Windows


This application is an IFC viewer that has advanced rendering features (different lights, cameras, materials etc.). Advanced IFC Viewer allows users to view and edit 3D objects.

The user can change the view angle of the object, the lights of the scene, or the materials that are applied to the object, and the workspace supports up to 4 layers at the same time. The objects can be separated in different scenes.



  • Multiple types of projections for viewing an object

  • Edit feature allows you to create sections of an object

  • It has various render modes

  • Different types of lights and perspectives

  • It has 3 types of camera views




OpenGL Qt C++ Visual C++  





This screenshot shows the camera views that the user can choose from:


This section illustrates the Applications screen, where the user can select and translate a scene:


In this section we can see the screen where the user can set different types and angles of light:


Here, we can see the Material Modes of the application:


This screenshot shows the application’s rendering options:




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