Supported platforms: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer


Shinjuku is a multimedia web application, more precisely, an interactive Strategy / RPG browser game. Players can develop their characters by completing single player missions and player vs. player events.

The browser game contains a series of mini-games, such as: blackjack or maze-like boards, where the player tries to bypass enemy patrols. The mini-games are developed using a game engine that facilities the implementations of custom textures, collisions, sprite movement and mouse / keyboard interactions.



  • Integration with Microsoft Bing Maps for Player Base management

  • Microsoft Photosynth integration for interactive single player missions

  • Customization module for creating online missions and online events

  • Players are able to play the single player campaigns in order to level up their character and benefit from a variety of mission rewards, or engage in player vs. player (PvP) combat to match their skills and item builds with other players

  • Social networks integration with mini games

  • Music & radio player module integrated in the browser game




Silverlight Photosynth XNA Framework Bing Maps SDK





The following screenshot illustrates the character customization module:


The following screenshot illustrates the selection of a Home Base location on Bing Maps:


In the following screenshot is presented the Hacking mini-game:


The following screenshot illustrates the online duels between players:




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