Casino Games Platform

Supported platforms: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer

The project is a responsive website that offers casino-type games, sport betting, and binary options trading.

Users can play hundreds of games, including slots (with various designs and rules), classic slots, live casino (baccarat, roulette, blackjack), table games, and video poker.



  • Responsive website, optimized for mobile devices

  • AngularJS Single Page Application

  • Framework for running casino games inside the browser

  • Casino-type games, sport betting, and binary option trading

  • Games search and sorting functionalities

  • Payment module used for money deposit, withdrawal, transfer

  • Support for social interactions with a community of friends

  • Live Chat module

  • CMS component and blog section





The following screenshots illustrate the Home Page and the Menu, as seen on a mobile device. A lot of thought has gone into the UX / UI, to make sure that the app will provide a seamless experience to users and will keep them coming back to spend an enjoyable time playing the available games:



The following screenshot illustrates the home page of the web application:


The following screenshot illustrates the Video Poker games page, where the player will choose the game that he wants to play:


The following screenshot illustrates the Sport betting page, where users can bet on various competitions in multiple countries:


The following screenshot illustrates the Binary options trading page, where users can trade various options:



  Symphony Materialize AngularJS Assetic Assetic
  PHP Symfony Materialize CSS & Sass AngularJS Assetic Twig



Games are laid out in a grid design and can be sorted by name, type, provider, or category (top, new, featured). Users can also bet on sport competitions (including eSports), politics, Eurovision, and the Lottery.

The website has over one million customers from around the world. Money deposits and withdrawals can be made via a payment module (Bitcoin is also accepted). The website offers 24/7 customer support via the LiveHelp module.

The content of the platform is managed using a custom CMS component. The CMS offers support for various temporary promotions, as well as tournaments.



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