Supported platforms: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari


The project is a web application that allows companies to create orders for their customers and store them in a database. The application is managed by an Admin user who offers different permissions and restrictions to users and companies that use the application.

The application includes a configurator for products, such as: windows and doors and allows user to customize the products. The application allows companies that produce the products to create / edit orders and to track their status.



  • New Customers can be created in order to be assigned to existing orders

  • Companies accounts are created with certain restrictions, such as: creating/editing/tracking only their quotes/orders

  • New orders can be created and their status can be tracked

  • The advanced configurator is used to customize the products in order to match the customer’s requests

  • Advanced reports can be created to view the activity, created orders, etc. of a certain company/user in a specified interval of time





This screenshot represents the Home Page


The following screenshot presents the Edit Quote/Order screen, which allows users to edit a quote or an order in case the customers change their requests

The image presented here presents the Add Product Wizard feature


This screenshot presents the Configurator screen, which allows users to customize the chosen product in order to match the customer’s request




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