Supported platforms: macOS


GameInControl is a cross-platform Qt C++ application for configuring a PS4 custom-built controller.

The developed control panel allows the user to configure controller parameters, such as vibration, dead zone, response curve, button mappings, macros, and other settings, using the HIDAPI library for communicating with the hardware device.

GameInControl also features a layer to communicate with an online API for downloading online controller profiles and firmware updates.

The application is available for macOS and comes with Multilanguage support.



  • Configuring controller parameters (dead zone & response curve, button mappings, macros, and general settings such as lighting and vibration)

  • Support for communicating with USB devices (using the HIDAPI library)

  • Layer to communicate with online API for downloading online controller profiles and firmware updates

  • Multilanguage support, based on the language selected by the user during installation




Qt Qt Creator QML C C++ Hidapi  







This image displays an overview of the gaming manager that includes the following functionalities: configuring the user’s profiles, profiles that can be downloaded via the community network, and the profile settings


In this section, the mapping configurations from the current controller profile are highlighted. It essentially consists of all the buttons, triggers, etc, to which the user can assign new commands and save the results


Here, we have an example of how the user can tweak the dead-zone and response curve of the controller


In this screenshot, we can see how the user can adjust the sensitivity and dead-zones of the controller’s trigger buttons




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