Supported platforms: Windows


Medical Viewer is an application that allows users to:
- access patient files on a server from terminals equipped with the Medical Viewer client;
- generate patient dossiers;
- associate files to a patient dossier on the server;
- view and manipulate images and videos, such as X-rays, CT and MRI scans, sonograms etc.;
- compare images and videos taken during checkups to determine the patient's evolution;

The Medical Viewer app is comprised of two components:
- the Medical Viewer client which handles media viewing, manipulation and patient management;
- the Medical Viewer server component which centralizes data for fast access from different terminals, handles data migration and import between server instances.



  • The MVA client allows quick and easy access to patient dossier files stored on a server

  • Files from the server can be copied locally via the MVA client’s export features

  • Files are automatically loaded into groups based on study / checkup date to allow users to track a patient’s evolution from one consult to another

  • The application is equipped with a media player which supports most common and medical video and imaging formats

  • The Comparison Viewer allows side by side comparison between multiple files

  • The client can be operated via touchscreen controls, on devices powered by Microsoft Windows




WPF .NET Framework SQL Server C#      





This screenshot illustrates the application’s Image Viewer


In this section, we can see the application’s Comparative Viewer feature


Next, the application’s Media Player is highlighted


Here, we can observe the application’s Service Configuration Panel




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