Supported platforms: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari


The application consists of a geographic information system designed to manipulate captured data from mobile networks. It is able to show live network facts and antenna orientations.

The application is compatible with any browser that supports Microsoft Silverlight. It also features integration of Network data, Performance data and Geographic Information System data.



  • Ability to segment and filter by subscriber, handset type and model, and network operator

  • Filter to display problem locations, dropped calls, no service, no data, and low signal

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly summary for subscribers

  • Interactive map that shows captured data

  • Ability to export the data to various types of files




This screenshot illustrates various reports that can be generated by the application


In this section, we can observe the filters and tools that can be applied to the pins / clusters displayed on the map. For example, the user can filter the pins and clusters by network type / configuration, assign temporary pins to coordinates, set a comparative view between two maps, and also open a minimap in the top right corner


The screen shows how captured data is displayed on the map using pins. Also, a detailed report is displayed for each pin in a grid under the map (with coordinates, network type, and operator name)


This section presents one of the heatmaps that can be created by the application, using data collected from users in a specific geographical location




IIS C# ASP.NET MS SQL Server    




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