HRM Online

Supported platforms: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer

HRM Online is a web application that allows employers to perform human resources activities.

The application allows the company to add employees and track their status, manage company documents, create and track employee tasks. Also, the application allows the company to create employee hierarchy charts.




  • Functionality for creating performance review reports by using the employees reviews;

  • Customization module for creating departments, dossiers, employee functions and roles;

  • Functionality for creating interview reports by using the data submitted in the application after each interview;

  • These cases are perfectly simple and easy to distinguish;

  • Automatic functionality to create organization chart based on existing employee functions and roles.




The following screenshot illustrates the company chart menu, where the user can view the hierarchy of the company employees:

The next screenshot illustrates how company documents are grouped:

Here, we find the Settings menu, where the user can configure the company Departments and Dossiers:

This screenshot illustrates how the user can access the company’s documents:



  ASP.NET C# .NET SQL Server  



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