Supported platforms: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari


Hydro is a Java web application that allows administrators to manage all aspects of multiple oil drilling operations and related activities.

Through Hydro, an administrator can monitor the company's progress through detailed reports for: assembly status, rig activities, rig parts inventory, employee management.



  • The application permits the management and progress tracking of oil rigs and assemblies;

  • The search feature allows users to quickly locate any item through a series of filters​;

  • The “Reports” feature allows users to check reports on latest assemblies installed based on user-defined time frames



This screenshot showcases some of the application’s equipment management features:


In this section, the application’s search features are highlighted:


The following screenshot highlights the application’s Wells by Block section:

This screenshot shows the Assembly Details feature. Here, users can view the technical data information pertaining to a certain assembly and upload new documentation:



Java JSP MySQL Apache Tomcat NetBeans Hibernate  




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