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An invoice tracking and reporting tool, developed for a company that receives invoices in a legacy PRN format. These invoices should be automatically registered into accounting, which is done separately for the two branches of the company.

All incoming invoices are recorded in an SQL Server database. They go through a validation process for conformance purposes, and the invalid ones are rejected.

The reports are generated for processed invoices using SQL Server Reporting Services. The invalid invoices and those that could not be forwarded can be viewed by the staff in a SharePoint dashboard.



  • The BizTalk Server receives a PRN file containing the invoice

  • The original document information is extracted, using a custom adapter

  • BizTalk uses dynamic business rules to route the document

  • If the invoice belongs to Branch A, then the document is routed to the online accounting service

  • If the invoice belongs to Branch B, then the document is sent to a local accounting application via a custom adapter




.NET BizTalk Server Sharepoint Portal Server SQL Server Windows Server  








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