Supported platforms: Windows


License Manager is an application that provides a centralized license management solution for multiple software products.

The application is comprised of three main components:

  • a vendor-deployed license generation and administration application
  • a vendor-integrated client library (in each product that requires licensing)
  • a customer-deployed license management application (for purchased licenses)



  • Automatic tracking of customer license requirements

  • Concurrent user limitations enforcement

  • Automatic License key delivery over the Internet

  • Hardware key-based protection (iButton)




.NET VB.NET Asymetric Cryptography iButton WebServices  





This screenshot illustrates how the vendor can configure licenses for each of his customers, specifying the license’s duration and other constraints


In this section, we can see how the vendor can manually generate license keys or enable automatic generation upon customer requests


This screenshot presents how the application connects to the license manager


This screenshot illustrates the customer-deployed license manager, which keeps track of all the licenses the customer has purchased and communicates with the client library installed in each licensed software




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