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The licensing system allows developers to secure their products by offering access to licensed users only.

The system is designed to allow its operator to impose restrictions on licensing time and concurrent user limitations.



  • Key Manager – a vendor-side application that allows automatic management of products, license customers and licenses

  • Key Service – a vendor-side web service that works in conjuncture with the Key Manager, allowing users to retrieve their license via the internet

  • License Server – a client-side server that applications query for license statuses

  • License Server Manager – a client-side front end for the License Server used to request and install licenses

  • License Client – a library used to make applications license enabled. It communicates with the License Server and notifies the application of its current license status




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Licenses reach end users via a reseller:

  • The product vendor allows a reseller to setup a license server connected to the vendor’s key server
  • The reseller can then distribute software licenses to end users

Licenses are sold to customers directly; customers manage their licenses through the License Server and License Server Manager:

  • Vendors sell software licenses directly to their customers
  • Customers then use License Server and Licenses Server Manager to handle multiple licenses for products installed on their machines

Licenses are sold to customers directly; licensed applications connect directly to the vendor’s Key Service for license validation:

  • Vendors sell their licenses directly to customers
  • The customer’s applications then connect to Key Services directly, i order to validate their licenses


Licenses are sold to customers directly; the licenses are distributed in the form of installable license files that can be used offline:

  • Vendors sell licenses to customers directly via orders placed online, by phone etc.
  • The licenses are then generated
  • The customer can come into possession of their license via any distribution method the vendor implies: email, online storage, postal delivery etc.



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