Supported platforms: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer


Core Marketing is a social marketing platform that gathers relevant online information about a certain brand, from online sources such as: websites, social networks, blogs etc.



  • Web-based interface (the solution is designed as a web application) allowing users to access the solution from any Internet-enabled device;

  • Online campaigns support for gathering data about certain brands;

  • User satisfaction reports for the target brand (evaluates the way users feel about the brand by interpreting the results extracted by the solution);

  • Support for gathering information about the brand’s online presence;

  • Filtering support for the search results of the campaign, for better tracking;

  • Quick statistics about the online user reviews for the product (negative, neutral, enjoyed);

  • Various reports based on the info that was gathered, with support for exporting the reports in .CSV format;

  • Embedded iframe allowing users to quickly review the target website (the website on which a certain result was extracted from) within the web application itself;

  • Comprehensive and interactive graphical charts.





ASP.NET Silverlight SQL Server AnyChart  





The screenshot listed below shows the search results related to a certain project / campaign. Here, the company can review, edit, filter, delete and exclude the results from the list.


The following screenshot shows the page where reports (which are based on the company’s findings) can be created and exported to .PDF or Excel.





Companies can start an online campaign for a specific brand in order to find details about its online presence. The Core Marketing web application can offer information about the brand's awareness, usage and perception on the market.

The campaigns can be personalized based on: language, location and more. The companies can narrow down the gathered information using criteria such as search terms, general feeling, keywords, etc., and can generate various reports that can help them interpret the data extracted by the solution.

The platform is built as a web application, which offers users a great flexibility, since it allows them to work from virtually any machine connected to the Internet.




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